Personal Training and Rates


Why do you need a Coach / Personal Trainer?

How many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest in a couple of days or weeks? You’re not alone. We all need a little help in this area, which is why a Coach / Personal Trainer is so important.

If you genuinely care about your health, fitness and longevity, then you must eventually realize that a Coach / Personal Trainer is a lifelong investment. So, what do we do?

Accountability and Motivation – We are experts at holding you accountable. For example, you have a set, paid appointment. We will not keep you waiting in the ‘office’, but will greet you at the door, knowing in advance your last achievements, and ready to get you started on what you need that day. Further, we help you set realistic goals in a reasonable time-frame; and, we believe in you, even when you feel low or unmotivated, we are there to support you.

Develop a Routine – The importance of routine in our lives cannot be overlooked. A Coach / Personal Trainer can take one look at you and know what you need most that day; whether its Chest and Biceps, or Back and Triceps, or Legs and Glutes, we take the guess work out of it for you. Our Job-One is to help you figure out what makes sense in your life, what will maximize your time in the gym, what will not overwhelm you, and what will help you get real results!

Current, New and Innovative Perspectives on Health, Nutrition and Fitness – We love what we do! Which means we love to educate ourselves. We study, take courses, attend classes and seminars, get degrees, and strive to stay on the cutting edge of the Health and Fitness Industry. You don’t visit the bakery to get your car fixed, and you don’t go to the shoe store to buy groceries, so why go to a treadmill gym to get in shape?

Consistent, Non-Judgemental Support – Your Coach / Personal Trainer has your back. We genuinely care about you and your success. Every hour you spend with a Coach / Personal Trainer is an hour focused on you and you alone! You will get constant feedback, tips to move more efficiently, diet advice, and more .. without making you feel inadequate or judged. A good Coach / Personal Trainer is never derogatory, and should never use words that make you feel less than who you are. You Are Enough! You just need a bit of assistance .. and we are here to help.

Proper Technique and Form – Do you watch exercise videos or read magazine articles and try those techniques out on your own? Well, that information is not always clear and its certainly not geared specifically for you. Every Coach / Personal Trainer has heard how their clients have hurt their selves trying to follow advice in this way. We know you want to be better, stronger, faster, healthier, which is why we watch you carefully to assure you are exercising correctly, maintaining good form, holding your posture, breathing right, increasing your strength, reaching the proper muscles, and maintaining a body/mind connection in all you do.

Injury Prevention and/or Rehabilitation – Ever hurt yourself working out in your own living room, or at the gym? Its alright, lots of people have. Our job is to teach you how to move and use equipment properly so that you do not injure yourself. We will emphasize ways to improve your balance, increase your mobility / flexibility, and develop your core strength. In all, we focus on functional movement, or those exercises that help you navigate the world for daily living. If you have suffered an injury, your Coach / Personal Trainer is able to work with you to safely exercise, to stay within your Range of Motion, to get your strength back, and more importantly, restore confidence and health.

Sports Specific Training – Do you play tennis or golf, like to run or bike, enjoy lifting weights or dance? Whether you are a recreational athlete or a semi to professional one, your Coach / Personal Trainer will help you get better at what you love. Remember, we love to educate ourselves, so we know all the best exercises and most efficient movements to help you develop strength, endurance, speed and agility in whatever it is you enjoy doing.

Maximize Your Workout and Minimize Your Time – We know you are busy, and we know you care about your health and fitness, so let us develop a program that is efficient and allows you to get the most out of the time you have. Too much time is lost wandering around the gym, wondering what to do next. Your time is important .. we get that. Let us help you manage it better.

Personalize Your Program – It doesn’t get more personal than having a Coach / Personal Trainer. We will work with you to develop a program that is specific to your goals. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are injured or ready for your first 5k, are pregnant or just want to feel good again, a personalized program – designed just for you – will get you where you want to be faster and safer than you ever imagined.

Relationship Building – Speaking from personal experience: All my best friends started as clients. Truly, my clients are the highlight of my day – their ups and downs, their adventures and misadventures. The Coach / Personal Trainer relationship is like no other. It can be either strictly professional or your new best lunch companion. Think about this: The two, three or more hours a week you spend with your Coach / Personal Trainer, is the only time in your week that is truly devoted to you .. your goals .. your successes. So whether you just want to workout, or talk about a recent loss, or use that time as an escape, or share intimate details, your trust is well placed in us here, at FlexFit. In fact, knowing these personal details and intimate knowledge helps us personalize your experience.

Results – Its all about results. Nothing gets you were you want to be, quicker and injury free, than a Coach / Personal Trainer.

Do yourself a favor: hire a personal trainer.

Your body . Your time . Your opportunity to get better, to be better!

The benefits of a Personal Trainer is worth every penny.

Take a look around your gym – some of the regulars may look great, but look closer. How is their posture? Are they built unevenly (heavy on the top, but undeveloped on the bottom; or vice versa). Or does everyone there just hang out on the treadmill? Hire a Personal Trainer to give you direction. Their expertise pays off when your heart gets stronger, your health improves, and your muscles start taking on definition. Signing up for personal training today eliminates hiring a doctor later.

At CrossFit Lilburn 678, our Personal Trainers not only shape you up with General Physical Preparedness, but also offer dietary guidance for your body type. Not all diest are created equal. If you’ve been struggling with weight loss or just getting in shape, remember, its a combination of exercise and diet that will get you results.

The CrossFit Lilburn 678 Trainers will provide a personalized exercise program that is tailored for your fitness level, goals and physical needs. Our Personal Trainers will spend time correcting your exercise form, tweaking your plan and providing motivation to help you get through your rough spots.

Bottom Line: Studies have proven that personal training equals faster results. If you have fitness goals, consider a CrossFit Lilburn 678 Personal Trainer. This one-on-one program offers accountability, progression and focus specifically on your goals and fitness objectives. In your first session, we will discuss goal setting, complete an assessment, and implement a workout. Then, based on your objectives, we will individually tailor a program just for you! Work smarter!





*Requires a 6-month commitment. For persons desiring a month-to-month trial membership, for a period of less than 6 months, the rate is $250 per month.
** Requires a 6-month commitment. For persons desiring a month-to-month trial membership, for a period of less than 6 months, the rate is $348 per month.


Family Plans require that two adults in the family must join at the regular rate for a child to be a member at 50% off the usual rate. All children must be 16 years of age or older to have a Membership.


1. The specified number of 30-minute personal training sessions each month depending on the plan you designate. It is your responsibility to schedule the sessions with the trainer. Unused sessions are not rolled over to the following month or carried to the member’s account.

2. Access to the gym at any time it is open. Personal trainers are available to assist with exercises or answer questions if not with a client. No other gym provides this service.

3. Functional training uses many forms of exercise to provide individuals with the necessary physical ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL). These exercises may not conform to all individuals’ concepts of personal training.

4. Personal Training members are encouraged to attend any FlexFit class desired but should be aware of the requirement to complete the 3 personal coaching sessions in order to fully benefit from the FlexFit class.

All memberships are billed monthly, through Electronic Fund Transfer or credit card. A $50 initiation fee is charged with the first month’s invoice. Billing date is one month (30 days) from the original date of joining. FlexFit reserves the right to change this policy.